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    5 Tasty Ways to Use Essential Blends

    By Julie Morris, Superfood Chef | July 30, 2017


    If you've tried the new Navitas Essential Superfood Blends – either the Vanilla & Greens or the Cacao & Greens (or both!) – then I probably don't have to tell you how amazing they are in smoothies. Full of whole food, plant-based proteins from pea, pumpkin, sunflower, flax and Hemp, and featuring a unique superfood blend of Pomegranate, Maca, Wheatgrass, spirulina and much more, these blends are full of vital macronutrients, as well as revitalizing antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Really impressive stuff!

    But the fun doesn't end with throwing a scoop of these amazing powders into a blender (although admittedly, that is pretty fun). Getting all this goodness into your life is actually far more extensive than you may think. Here are some everyday recipe ideas for your new go-to superfood blend.

    Breakfast Bowls
    Whether you're a mad-dash-to-the-door, yogurt and fruit kind of day-starter, or prefer to plan out your breakfast ahead of time with some overnight oats, the Essential Blends are at your service, ready to enhance! Since the Essential Blends dissolve well (they aren't gritty texturally speaking) and offer such well-rounded sweet flavor (with zero added sugars), they're surprisingly delicious when stirred in to virtually any kind of sweet porridge like oatmeal or Chia pudding. My trick is to use a “stir it and forget it” method. I buy a big tub of unsweetened non-dairy yogurt, spoon out a couple tablespoons so there's room to mix and then stir in a couple scoops of the Essential Blends directly into the carton until incorporated. That way, any time I reach for the yogurt in the fridge, I'm automatically eating a boosted product!

    Baked Goods
    Don't get me wrong: baking is a science and these kinds of recipes must be tinkered with delicately to avoid some seriously wonky attempts coming out of the oven. That being said, almost all types of baked confections have a little bit of wiggle room where they can be made a whole lot healthier! Easily adjustable recipes include goodies like cookies, cakes, waffles and muffins…all of which are perfect places to incorporate the benefits of the Essential Blends and surprisingly sometimes actually enhance the taste, too! For the best results, I recommend adding the Blends with a measured tablespoon and not the provided scoop, then subtracting the same number of tablespoons of the flour used in the original recipe.

    Frozen Desserts
    If you're into making frozen desserts like popsicles, ice cream and even cheesecake, you can once again say hello to these complementary blends. What's more, the fiber content of these nutrient-dense superfood ingredients helps to minimize ice crystals, so you'll find that your cooling treats have a better mouthfeel in addition to their energizing nutrition.

    Nut Butter
    Protein-boosted nut butter. Need I say more? (Use the same “Mix It And Forget It” method mentioned earlier).

    Sweets & Treats
    Since the Essential Blends do have a sweet quality to them, you'll want to reserve their use for sweet applications. But this is also what makes them so phenomenal: sweetened by sugar-free Monk Fruit, the Blends can help reduce the amount of sugar you use in many of your favorite sweet recipes! Homemade chocolate, fudge, truffles, pudding, flan and pretty much anything with a creamy base is a great candidate for a secret boost of protein and greens, making your favorite treats that much better.

    Feeling inspired to get cooking? Click here for even more ways to use these versatile protein-packed powders.