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    Ask the Chef: 5 Ways to Boost Your Coffee

    By Julie Morris, Superfood Chef | June 20, 2016

    How can I boost my coffee?

    In some ways, it's a funny thing that the idea of boosting something like coffee would even be a thought, let alone a trend - the whole purpose of coffee is to get a boost in the first place, right? Nevertheless, as our coffee culture has evolved, new tricks have been discovered to not only mix up what goes in your morning cup of joe, but also improve how it makes you feel and interacts with your body. Here are some of my favorite ways to make your next coffee cup better than ever:

    Coconut oil
    On it's own, coconut oil is already known as an energy food, containing metabolism-boosting MCT fats that the body uses for stable, long-term energy. Add this to your coffee and that means you'll get the instant boost from the caffeine, but also a solid stretch of slow burning fuel. That means a longer “buzz†now, and less of a crash after the coffee wears off later.

    Try it: Add 1 teaspoon coconut oil per 1 cup of hot coffee. Blend it to make a wickedly delicious creamy drink.

    Sure, you've heard of a mocha … the classic combination of coffee with chocolate. But if you've never brewed coffee beans with cacao beans, you're seriously missing out. The cacao brings more of a background chocolate flavor to the coffee beans, while adding mood-boosting phytochemicals as well - be prepared to have a great morning with this brew!

    Try it: Grind cacao nibs or cacao beans down into the same texture as your ground coffee beans. Use in a one to one ratio of cacao to coffee, and brew per your preferred method.

    If you're more of a latte type of person, blend a little maca powder into your milk of choice. Maca is an amazing adaptogenic superfood that can help support the adrenal glands - yes, the same adrenal glands that are strained by the effects of coffee. Adding maca to your cup is a wonderful way to counterbalance coffee's more negative effects, helping maintain more even energy levels and balance your system as a whole.

    Try it: Blend 1 teaspoon maca powder into ½ cup warm non-dairy milk, and add coffee as desired.

    Medicinal Mushrooms
    Mushroom coffee is officially now “a thing†- but fear not, it's actually way more delicious than it sounds. Using medicinal mushrooms powders like chaga and cordyceps in your coffee blend doesn't effect the flavor very much, but these ingredients do serve as wonderfully symbiotic additions to maximize your coffee's benefits. Mushrooms help to neutralize the high acidity of coffee in both the way it's digested in your body, as well as the flavor itself. They also boost the immune system tremendously, which coffee alone can strain. In return, coffee's metabolism boosting effects help to circulate the mushroom's stores of antioxidants quickly and efficiently.

    Try it: blend in 1 teaspoon medicinal mushroom powder per cup of coffee (tastes especially good with a little almond milk and coconut sugar).

    Green Coffee
    Yes, coffee on coffee, my friend. If you're a fan of making blended iced coffee drinks, green coffee is the superfood for you. Harvested when the beans are still young (green) and never roasted, this type of coffee has a very mild flavor but a whole slew of anti-aging antioxidants, high fiber, and is particularly concentrated in the cholorgenic acid, the agent in coffee that is most largely responsible for its positive effects on metabolism. Use it with regular coffee and maximize on everything coffee has to offer, from flavor to function.

    Try it: Blend 1 teaspoon green coffee powder into your next iced coffee drink.

    Want the energy boosts and benefits but would rather cut the coffee out altogether? Try my coffee replacement drink: The Maca Latte.