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    Ask The Chef: Adding Oils to Smoothies

    By Julie Morris, Superfood Chef | March 31, 2013

    Q: I make my smoothie into a giant meal - using fruit, vegetables, superfoods, basically everything! Lately, I've heard about people adding oil to their smoothies for the good fats. What are the best types to use?

    -Jon K.

    A: If you're looking for a smoothie that provides long-term energy, adding oil is an effective way to help round out the nutrition packed inside. Of course, oil will quickly up the smoothie's calorie content significantly, but used in conjunction with fresh fruits, greens, and plant-based proteins like hemp, a smoothie can quickly become a very well-balanced meal-replacement.

    You don't need a lot of oil to get the condensed benefits - no more than a tablespoon is really necessary. Here are a few favorite smoothie-friendly oils that are worth considering to include!

    Coconut oil - We featured a whole post on coconut oil here on the Smoothment blog a while back because we love it so much! Between it's MCFA's, anti-bacterial activity, and healthy plant-based saturated fats, coconut oil is an excellent energy food!

    Olive oil - Though most often used in cooking, olive oil is in fact far healthier when used in low- or no-heat applications, like smoothies. The reason for this is simple: olive oil is primarily made up of monosaturated fats - fats which have been scientifically proven to enhance cardiovascular health and wellness. As beneficial as these fats are to the body, they also have a very low smoke point which, making them less than ideal for the frying pan. Putting a little olive oil in your smoothie allows you to get the benefits in the safest way possible!

    Hemp oil - Hemp is an an incredible food, and we use it a lot for its protein content. But hemp's rich omega fatty acids are another strong reason why it is such a power food! You can easily get these EFAs just from adding hemp seeds to your smoothie, but for those who are looking for a more concentrated form, hemp oil can be a wonderful addition as well.

    Have a superfood smoothie question of your own? Ask away! Just post it below and we may feature it in an upcoming segment of Ask the Chef.