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    Ask The Chef: Hangover

    By Julie Morris, Superfood Chef | December 30, 2012


    Is it possible to make a smoothie that doubles as a “hangover cure?â€
    -Linda P.

    A smoothie happens to be one of the very best foods to consume in the aftermath of an alcohol-infused night out! The reasons are simple: smoothies are the perfect combination of being rehydrating (a crucial part of any hangover cure), easy to digest, as well asvery condensed sources of nutrients that can restore vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant levels that may have been compromised through excessive alcohol consumption. There are many natural ingredients that are particularly helpful to include during the “morning after,†and whether you're battling off a hangover or not, all provide excellent rejuvenation!

    Coconut Water - Coconut water powder is a great ingredient to have on hand in the pantry! Coconut water is an ideal, balanced, and natural source of electrolytes - minerals which are essential for proper hydration. Electrolytes are lost through physically stressful and dehydrating activities like drinking alcohol, and can help re-hydrate the body faster than just plain water.

    Wheatgrass - A major benefit of wheatgrass is its ability to alkalize the body and gently cleanse. Including a teaspoon of wheatgrass powder in a smoothie is a very efficient way to accelerate ending the misery, which can help flush remaining alcohol out of the system, and quickly restore the body with a plethora of vitamins and minerals.

    Lemon Juice - Lemon is effective in helping protect and clean the liver - the primary organ responsible for filtering toxins out of the body. Additionally, lemon's high vitamin C content can boost a compromised immune system as well.

    Maqui berry - Any form of stress drastically increases the production of free radicals in the body… and heavy drinking certainly falls under that category! Maqui berry's exceptionally high content of anthocyanin antioxidants make it an excellent restabilizer — assisting in protecting cellular structure, and promoting healthy blood circulation.

    Good luck!!

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