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    Ask the Chef: Mulberries

    By Support Boomity | May 18, 2014

    Q: What's so great about Mulberries?

    There are a lot of different berries growing around the world, but mulberries are arguably amongst the most exciting varieties to consume. With an appearance like an elongated blackberry when fresh, mulberries grow on large shrub-like trees in the warm, temperate, and subtropical regions of Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Deliciously sweet, and versatile in recipes, mulberries are a beloved treat by everyone from chefs to children, but it's their high fiber, protein, antioxidants, and other micronutrients that has led to impressive scientific research and promising health claims.

    Mulberries and Heart Health: Research has shown the antioxidants found in can help reduce bad cholesterol, strengthen the nervous system, and prevent blood flow blockages. Over time, consuming these nutrients can also help prevent strokes and heart attacks.

    Mulberries and Cancer Prevention: Some researchers believe that mulberries can help prevent certain types of cancers because they are high in Resveratrol, which is a powerful phytonutrient (the same nutrient found in red wine, only mulberries offer a more concentrated source). The antioxidants in mulberries may also help prevent the growth of tumors and cancerous cells.

    Mulberries and Immune System Health: Mulberries are high in vitamin C and flavonoids, making them a go-to all-natural immune system booster during cold and flu season. Research has shown that these nutrients also promote fluid production in the body, which aid in hydration and help flush out toxins in the body.

    Mulberries and Hair/Skin Health: Mulberries' collection of antioxidants are effective anti-aging agents, too. When you incorporate mulberries into your diet, you're putting your best face forward to achieve clear, soft, and rejuvenated skin. Mulberries also contain properties that promote hair growth and aid the production of melanin in hair follicles.

    Recipes with Mulberries: Our dried white mulberries have a unique sweet flavor and chewy texture, capable of enhancing virtually any recipe you can think of. Adding mulberries to smoothies, trail mix, granola, and cereal is pretty much a no-brainer. One of my favorite summertime smoothies is the Mulberry Peach Dream, which blends mulberries into apple juice, coconut milk yogurt, and peaches.

    To get a little more creative in the kitchen with this superfood fruit, try our Mulberry Balls recipe made with dried coconut flakes and Cashew Whole Nuts. And for a sweet and crumbly treat, whip up a batch of Mulberry Scones, made with hemp milk and flax seeds.