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    Ask The Chef: Seasonal Allergy Relief

    By Julie Morris, Superfood Chef | February 26, 2013

    Q: Every year I get the worst allergies. I want to change that this year!!! Are there any superfoods or any other supplement tricks that I can put in my smoothies that can help?

    - Alessandra T.

    A: Let's face it: even those of us who follow a healthy lifestyle are not fully immune to nature's pollen-infused springtime fury. Fortunately, there are several nutrient-oriented precautions we can take to helpalleviate, prevent, or at the very least diminish the effects of allergy season. It just takes a little bit of smoothie strategy…

    What you leave out is just as important as what you include:

    Allergies are a form of stress on the body. Therefore, it's important during this time period to alleviate the body of any and all additional kinds of stress, which includes other kinds of common dietary allergens. If you suspect that you are allergic or even just sensitive to dairy, eggs, gluten, soy, or even tree-nuts, now is a good time to remove them from your smoothie and from your diet (at least during the allergy season). Give your body a rest as much as possible!

    Boost your immune system:

    Allergic reactions are greatly taxing on the immune system, so having a strong immunity “bank†to draw from is incredibly important. Boosting smoothies with Vitamin C rich foods like camu powder is essentially buying culinary insurance. Vitamin A goes hand in hand with Vitamin C in immune support, so including superberries like goji berries which are a great source of carotene is a smart move as well.

    Look to reduce inflammation:

    The histamine produced during an allergic reaction is incredibly inflammatory, and can compromise the health of every other system. Including foods that are high in anti-inflammatory nutrients is an excellent way to naturally regain balance. Add
    quercitin-rich foods to your smoothie, like goldenberries and apples. Omega Fatty Acids are also a known anti-inflammatory nutrient, so hemp seeds, chia, and flax are ideal.

    Have a superfood smoothie question of your own? Ask away! Just post it below and we may feature it in an upcoming segment of Ask the Chef.