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    Ask the Chef - Slimming Superfoods

    By Support Boomity | July 13, 2015

    What are some good slimming superfoods?

    With summer finally here and swimsuit season in full swing, many of us are gearing up to get in shape, enhance our health, and look and feel our best. We know superfoods have the power to prevent disease, but what if they could enhance our efforts to build a great body too?

    Since so much of maintaining a healthy physique is centered around proper nutrition, it makes sense that nutrient-dense superfoods can not only support a “beach body,†but may even expedite the process of both obtaining and sustaining one. Health experts recommend nutrients like amino acids, fiber, healthy fats and minerals to promote lean muscle and fat loss. With this in mind, let's look at a few top superfoods that can help keep us in the best shape ever.

    Hemp Protein
    Hemp is inherently packed with protein, fiber, and minerals … and hemp protein powder is even more nutrient-packed. In this form, the fat is removed, leaving behind a fiber-rich, protein-dense powder that is higher in nutrient density overall (and therefore lower in calories). Protein is well known to help build and maintain muscle mass, as well as keep blood sugars low and cravings at bay. The advantages to getting protein from hemp are many: its virtually non-allergenic, alkaline-forming, easily digestible, and environmentally sustainable. Try some hemp protein in a smoothie, or stir it into oatmeal for a filling breakfast.

    Green Coffee Powder
    With high amounts of fiber and bioavailable chlorogenic acid, green coffee powder is a wonderful slimming superfood to start incorporating into your diet. While the fiber helps with long-term satiation, the chlorogenic acid is considered a thermogenic compound that helps give metabolism a gentle nudge (bonus: it boasts antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity too). With half the caffeine of roasted coffee, mild-tasting green coffee powder can be added to smoothies, and baked goods for a slimming boost.

    Chia Seeds
    These tiny seeds mean serious business when it comes to keeping us healthy and slim. Beloved by athletes and dietitians alike, chia seeds contain a plant-based substance called mucilage, which expands the seeds during digestion and keeps us feeling full at a low calorie cost. With their exceptionally high fiber, healthy fats, and trace minerals, think of chia seeds as your go-to way to curb cravings and help control appetite. Since they taste like almost nothing, you can sprinkle a spoonful on just about anything!

    Leafy greens are a no-brainer when it comes to slimming superfoods with their exceptionally low calories and massively high nutrients, so this one should come as no surprise. Some of the best greens to stock up on this summer to stay slim are kale, spinach, chard, and collard greens. They're also high in calcium - and studies have shown high-calcium diets can boost metabolism and help burn fat. Any kinds of watery vegetables will also make for an excellent addition, of course! For inspiration, you can peruse some of our favorite superfood salad recipes on our site.

    Nuts & Seeds
    Nuts and seeds, such as almonds and pepitas, are superfoods rich in healthy fats that keep us feeling full while staying slim. In fact, according to a 30-year Harvard research study, regularly consuming nuts helps both men and women stay slimmer and reduce your risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Other studies have pointed specifically to almonds as a healthy superfood to snack on throughout the day to satisfy cravings. If the idea of eating a handful of raw nuts day in and day out sounds boring, try one of the popular Navitas Naturals Superfood+ flavored nut and seed blends, like the perfectly savory Turmeric Tamari Almonds!

    If you're not yet familiar with yacon, now is the time to start getting acquainted! It's one of my favorite sweeteners to recommend to anyone on a weight loss journey. Yacon is a low-glycemic sweetener that tastes like molasses, but with half the calories of sugar, it makes the perfect sweetener alternative (much of it's sugars are actually indigestible, and simply pass through the body). Also unlike other sweeteners, it's rich in iron, amino acids, calcium, and potassium, and it won't spike your blood sugar!

    Chocolate often gets mis-categorized as “junk food,†but certain kinds of chocolate can actually help with slimming...in moderation of course! A 2012 study at the University of California in San Diego examined 1,000 men and women, and found that adults who ate chocolate were slimmer and had a lower body mass index than those who didn't eat chocolate. A more recent study at the University of Granada in Spain examined teenagers and found a strong connection between chocolate connection and lower body fat.

    Cacao is the healthiest form of chocolate because it's packed with antioxidants and minerals, especially iron and magnesium. It's the purest and darkest form of chocolate you can find and has no added sugar, so you can feel great about tossing a little into smoothies and desserts, or try adding cacao nibs into granola for a decadent way to start to the day!