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    Ask the Chef: Superfood Cocktails

    By Julie Morris, Superfood Chef | May 5, 2014

    Q: Is it possible to incorporate superfoods into cocktails?

    Cocktails have long been an art form, and adding superfoods to the mix offers a revolutionary healthy spin on our most celebratory drinks. Using the most nutrient-dense ingredients found in nature - superfoods - now you can transform even the most empty calorie bar favorites into health-boosting mixtures with innovative flavors, vibrant colors, and exciting secret benefits.

    Whether you choose to make them virgin or traditional, here are some of our most popular bar-friendly superfoods:

    Chia seeds - Soak them in liquid for 20 minutes and watch chia seeds transform: they'll swell up and become a pleasant, slippery, textural treat that floats in cocktails of all varieties. Try soaking a spoonful of seeds in the same juice that you'll be using for your cocktail recipe, then whisk in the mixture into your recipe once the seeds have gelatinized.

    Maqui Berry Powder - Maqui's exceptionally rich antioxidant stores means it's also a beautiful coloring agent. Stir in maqui berry powder into light-colored drinks, like a vodka tonic, and watch the entire drink turn a magic shade of purple.

    Wheatgrass Powder - Sneak in all the condensed vitamin and mineral benefits of wheatgrass into your next cocktail without ever knowing it's there. (Plus, wheatgrass helps with detoxification … just saying!) Wheatgrass powder's mild taste is perfect for sprinkling into blended drinks, and even martinis.

    Pomegranate Powder - The sweet and tart flavor make this unique form of pomegranate a must-try for martinis … and you'll be getting heart-healthy antioxidants at the same time! Try our Navitas Naturals Pomegarita, which is a go-to warm-weather blend that's irresistibly good.

    Dried Dragonfruit Slices - Next time, leave that boring citrus slice used to decorate the cocktail glass in the fridge, and use these exotically fuchsia fruit slices instead for an artistic (and delicious) statement! Dragonfruit slices offer a beautiful sweet and crunchy accouterment to any fruity drink, while offering fiber and minerals at the same time.