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    Ask the Chef - Using Superfuit Powders

    By Julie Morris, Superfood Chef | January 13, 2014

    Q: Outside of drinks, how can I use Navitas Naturals superfruit powders?

    Acai powder. Maqui powder. Pomegranate Powder. Goji Powder. Goldenberry Powder. Lucuma Powder. Camu Powder. At Navitas, we offer quite a few of these specialty, high-antioxidant products that are often a “secret favorite ingredient†of in-the-know healthy chefs.

    These powders are created by freeze-drying whole fresh fruit, then milling it into a very fine powder (no fillers or sugar is added). They are wonderful to work with from a culinary standpoint because unlike their whole fruit counterparts, they can blend easily into recipes and become a background flavor note … one that may not be instantly discernable, but adds to the overall composition of the recipe. In some cases, when desirable, they can even sneak in their high-powered nutrition undetected altogether (camu powder falls in this category).

    The general rules regarding using fruit powder are few. Low-heat recipes are generally best, to preserve the maximum nutrition, though some powders offer such gorgeous flavors they can be used in small quantities as a taste-enhancing agent in cooked recipes (goldenberry powder especially). It's also good to remember that these are highly concentrated forms of superfoods, and more is not better. Aim to add in a few spoonfuls, but there's no need to add in 1 cup (except for maybe, on occasion, lucuma powder). Ideal recipes to experiment with these powders include adding them to salad dressings (vinaigrettes do wonderfully with the added superfood boost), whisking into sweet sauces like glazes or dessert sauces, creating homemade frozen desserts like ice cream, or substituting a couple of spoonfuls of flour in a baked recipe for superfruit powder (pomegranate powder is wonderful for this).

    Ready to try? Get the recipe for our Raspberry Camu Vinaigrette!