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    Ask the Chef: What are some tricks to drinking more water?

    By Julie Morris, Superfood Chef | January 25, 2016

    What are some tricks to drinking more water?

    I am certain this will come as no surprise to you: most of us need to be drinking more water. While health guidelines recommend drinking anywhere from 8-10 glasses of water a day, most of us don't even come close to that! But rather than use measuring cups, schedules, or just sheer willpower to gulp down what can be a quasi-mundane task, I suggest meeting your quota through another way: flavor motivation. Why do you think it's so easy to down a glass of fruit juice, or throw back another handful of popcorn? Yes, you guessed it: flavor! Since we are designed to be attracted to high-flavor foods, and consume as much as possible of them, when we apply this same technique to water, hydration suddenly becomes a whole lot more appealing. Here are 5 ways you can boost the lure (and flair!) of your water:

    Steep away with whole foods: Simply by adding “soft flavors†and steeping them in water, you can dramatically improve the appeal of water. Use a large jug or pitcher filled with water, and add citrus slices like lemon or orange, fresh herbs like mint and rosemary, or even refreshing vegetables like cucumbers. My favorite? Dried goji berries, which actually make the water a little sweet, too! Regardless of what you choose, let your concoction steep for an hour or longer to allow flavors to deeply infuse. (The longer you let steep, the stronger the flavor. Steep for up to one day, refrigerated.) Water is so much more delicious this way!

    Boost the color: We are designed to be attracted to colors, and there's something about drinking a fluid that looks attractive that makes the process more attractive as well! I like to add a little bit of maqui powder, which makes water a magical purple, or a few drops of liquid chlorophyll or wheatgrass powder, to make water emerald green. Admittedly, this technique doesn't change the flavor too much, but it makes drinking a lot more fun!

    Shake in some chia: If you've used chia before, then you're likely aware of it's incredible ability to bulk up and become delightfully slippery when in contact with liquid. But, you certainly don't have to limit this quality to recipes - in fact, you can simply put a bit of chia directly into your water bottle. You'll find that you drink more water when there's a little bit of texture and chew to enjoy along the way. Oh, and the extra fiber, minerals, and omega fats chia provides definitely don't hurt either.

    Add electrolytes: A tiny bit of salty minerals goes a long way to make the body instantly crave a water source more. The easiest way to add electrolytes is to simply use coconut water powder, which adds a very light sweet-salty flavor, and makes water borderline irresistible. Even better, you can boost water wherever you are because of this powder's convenient, concentrated form!

    Sweeten up a few notches: Because I have a sweet tooth, this trick is one I use often. Add a little bit of your favorite fruit juice, like apple or orange, to your water in about a 1:10 ratio. Then, mix in a little bit of stevia to taste to sweeten the mixture up. Incredibly, the stevia will “extend†the flavor of the juice, and your beverage will taste similar to the original juicy beverage … even though it's still primarily water! This method is a great one to use for kids as well.

    Do you have a favorite trick for drinking more water? Share with us below!