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    Ask the Chef: What is Souping?

    By Julie Morris, Superfood Chef | June 29, 2015

    What's souping?

    Great question! “Souping†has been a subject that's come up more and more in both culinary and health circles. Call it a trend if you must, but don't look past it's many potential benefits!

    Sometimes touted as the “new juicing,†souping refers to a short-term way of cleansing by consuming only nutrient-dense soups. Most cleanses are structured around several different varieties of soups, which are consumed throughout the day. The idea behind the practice is that like a smoothie or a juice, a soup provides a high amount of nutrient-dense whole foods at a low calorie cost, and because these soups are mostly (if not all) liquid, our body has an exceptionally easy time digesting them. Devotees of soup cleanses often rave about an energized, light feeling; clearer skin; less aches and pains; and weight loss. Additionally, because soups are usually low in sugar (high sugar being a criticism of some types of juice cleanses), as well as both mineral and fiber rich, there is less of a sense of “diet and denial†while cleansing on soups, which provide a better and more stable energy.

    With prepared soup cleanses popping up left and right, one can now easily order a soup cleanse by the day, but the high price is often a deterrent for many of us. Instead, consider creating your own soup cleanse using extra-healthy, whole food soup recipes. Simply make 5-6 varieties of soup, and enjoy a serving (about 2 cups) of each scattered throughout the day. Here's a sample:

    Vegetable Broth
    Starting your day out with vegetable broth is a wonderful way to get a solid dose of minerals and electrolytes. In recent years, bone broth has become a popular choice as well, but vegetable broth has the distinct advantage of being alkaline forming (not disrupting the body's pH), higher in calcium, and lower in heavy metals like lead. If you'd like a more umami flavor to your vegetable broth, simply add a little miso paste to the mixture.

    Watermelon Goji Gazpacho
    Light, slightly sweet, and cool, this soup is also big on hydrating electrolytes as well as vitamins and antioxidants like lycopene. No need to cook it - it's a great chilled soup.

    Green Soup
    You can use any kind of green soup, but try to include lots of greens - via vegetables, herbs, and greens powders. My Creamy Cleansing Soup is one of my personal go-to favorites!

    Spicy Bell Pepper Soup
    Serve this soup hot or cold, and enjoy it's metabolism-boosting spices and savory creamy texture.

    Split Pea Soup with Hemp Seeds
    As a great dinner, this soup is full of fiber, protein, and healthy fats making it very satisfying.

    If you're still hungry, have another serving of your Green Soup or broth … and be sure to drink plenty of water or tea.

    Whether you're ready to do a full-on soup cleanse for a couple days, or just looking to eat a little cleaner, one thing's for sure: soups packed with superfoods are a fantastic healthy addition to any lifestyle!