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    Ask the Chef: What's a Healthy Road Trip Menu?

    By Julie Morris, Superfood Chef | August 9, 2015

    What's a good and healthy road trip “menu�

    Road trips are great, but road trip food has a notoriously bad reputation. Chips, cookies, the 2 pounds of taffy you bought at the roadside stand… it's okay, we've all succumbed. These kinds of foods, combined with hours and hours of sitting, is a digestive nightmare, not to mention a quick way to leave the car a little heavier than when you got in while arriving at your destination feeling sluggish (and still hungry).

    Admittedly, a good road trip “menu†takes a little planning. You want foods that are relatively low-maintenance: relatively small and compact (to save space), easy to eat, and don't need to be refrigerated. You also want foods that are healthy, satisfying, and act as a delicious treat (hint: no one wants carrot sticks after a 10-hour drive). With this in mind, as you're planning your next adventure, here are a few things to put on your packing list:

    Bars & Bites
    There may have never been a better time than road trips to pack energy bars and bites (small pieces of bars). With so many bars out on the shelves now, there is truly a bar for everyone no matter what your diet or taste-preferences! Bites are particularly useful because they are small, low-calorie portions that are perfect to quickly pop in the mouth to stave off cravings. I particularly love the Navitas Naturals Power Snacks as a great way infuse several superfoods all at once, in bite-sized form - their superfood ingredient list is amazing! I also find it fun to make energy bars/bites at home to pack in my personal favorite superfoods that I want to “bring†while traveling. Try these Acai Energy Bars for a great example of clean, satisfying energy.

    Kale Crisps
    Enjoying vegetables - and in particular greens - can be downright difficult while hitting the open road. That's why I always bring a couple bags of kale crisps with me, which I look at like basically a dehydrated salad (that just happens to taste like potato chips!). You can buy pre-made kale crisps, or make them yourself in endless varieties like these irresistible BBQ-Hemp Kale Crisps. Just be sure to always drink lots of water with these kinds of dehydrated, salty snacks.

    Trail Mix
    No, I'm not saying to go grab the GORP (if you don't know what GORP is, consider it a good thing). Instead, make a big bag of trail mix packed with your favorite nuts, seeds, and dried superfruits like mulberries and goji berries. Trail mix is preferable in this case to single-ingredient nuts or your favorite dried fruit because it offers a wider spectrum of balanced nutrition thanks to the array of ingredients. You can even spruce up your batch further by adding some sweet cacao nibs, or caramel coconut chips!

    Fresh Fruit
    While a pint of fresh berries may not last very long, some of nature's sweetest offerings come in the perfect, biodegradable package for arduous road-trip travel. Apples, bananas, oranges, grapes and avocados can survive several days in a hot car, and serve as a very welcome fresh shift from drier foods. Plus, these fresh foods are naturally hydrating, and packed with immune-boosting vitamins. They may not seem super exciting to pack, but you'll find them an extremely welcome treat once you're well en-route.