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Navitas Organics Blog

Megan Faletra

MS, MPH, RDN,Founder of The Well Essentials

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5 Steps to a Healthier (and Stress-Free!) Holiday Season

Posted by Megan Faletra on Dec 19, 2018 8:43:37 AM

The holidays are one of the most exciting times of the year, but they also come with travel, indulgent foods and unwanted stress that can leave us all feeling depleted at times. But, with a little planning, you can fully enjoy the holidays from beginning to end. Protect your health and keep your stress levels low this year by following these five simple steps to a healthier (and stress-free!) holiday season.

1. Plan Healthy Meals and Snacks
While there’s an abundance of delicious holiday food around at all times throughout the holidays, you shouldn’t forgo your usual healthy meals and snacks. One of the worst things you can do during the holidays is skip meals, as that will leave you feeling ravenous and incapable of making mindful choices. Instead, make a promise to continue feeding yourself well throughout the holidays by planning regular meals and snacks that keep you full and satisfied. This will help you make healthier choices that aren’t fueled by uncontrollable hunger when you’re exposed to holiday indulgences.

2. Practice Mindful Eating at Parties
Holiday parties are hard to navigate, especially if you’re trying to continue healthy eating practices throughout the holidays. Rather than putting limitations on what you can and can’t have at holiday parties, try practicing mindful eating habits like these:

• Have a satisfying snack at home before going to a holiday party so you make better choices once you’re out.
• Tune into your cravings and choose what you truly desire at the party, versus what’s sitting in front of you.
• Eat slowly and save the alcohol for when your stomach is full, so you can enjoy a holiday cocktail without it impacting your eating choices.

3. Support a Healthy Gut
Nothing puts a damper on the holidays like getting sick, so it’s especially important to support your digestive system during this time. Since 80 percent of your immune system lives in your gut, keep it feeling it’s best by adding Vanilla & Greens Essential Superfood Blend to your daily wellness routine. Loaded with plant-based protein, digestive support, essential minerals and antioxidants in one easy-to-use mix, it’s a great way to boost your nutrition and support your gut at the same time.

4. Prioritize Sleep
While the holidays are busy, this is not the time of year to skimp on sleep. Getting enough sleep will help keep your immune system healthy and make it easier to stay motivated to continue your mindful movement and healthy eating habits throughout the season.

5. Add Adaptogens
Lastly, adaptogens are a great addition to your daily wellness routine throughout the holiday season (and beyond!), as they help the body adapt and respond to external stressors that help it maintain a state of balance. A simple way to incorporate adaptogens into your day is by adding a teaspoon of Maca Powder to your morning smoothie or mixing it into your oatmeal.

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4 Simple #SuperSwaps for Healthier Holiday Recipes

Posted by Megan Faletra on Nov 13, 2018 7:42:51 AM

The holidays are upon us, and with the cooler weather and celebrations come our favorite traditional holiday recipes. While there are so many ways to put healthier twists on holiday classics, I personally believe that fully embracing the holiday season and all the traditional recipes that comes with it is the best way to celebrate your family’s food culture during this special time of year.

Food has an incredible way to connect us across cultures and generations, and there is something really wonderful about celebrating the holidays with traditional recipes that have been passed down year after year.

And while the recipes we make during the holidays can still be rooted in tradition, the ingredients we use can evolve to better align with both our health and environmental beliefs. Today, we have access to incredible ingredients that are sourced with the highest sustainability and nutritional standards. So, rather than miss out on a favorite family holiday recipe, I encourage you to instead focus on and amplify the ingredients you already use with these easy swaps.

1. Coconut Palm Sugar in Place of White Sugar
Most of the sugar used in holiday recipes is refined white sugar that really isn’t all that good for your or the environment. Instead, simply swap your usual refined white sugar for Coconut Palm Sugar using a 1:1 ratio. This is such a simple swap that can work for most holiday recipes (especially baked goods like breads and muffins). Coconut Palm Sugar has a richer taste, which I prefer in baking, and was recognized by the Food and Agriculture Organization as the most sustainable sweetener in the world. Pretty sweet, right?

2. Homemade Coconut Cream Instead of Canned Whipped Cream
Canned whipped cream is a traditional topping for many holiday recipes (especially pies). Unfortunately, it’s usually loaded with preservatives and is not made from high-quality organic dairy sources. Instead, opt for making your own whipped coconut cream to top your pies and holiday beverages.

Here’s a quick way to make it:
Simply refrigerate one can of full-fat coconut milk overnight and then scoop the cream from the top of the can (discard the liquid). Whisk the cream until it is the consistency of whipped cream and serve as a topping for your favorite desserts!

3. Organic Nuts Over Conventional
Nuts and seeds are staples in so many holiday recipes, but unfortunately conventional nuts are typically sprayed with pesticides and known for having poor labor practices. Instead, opt for organic and Fairtrade-certified nuts and seeds for your holiday recipes. You will feel better knowing that they are both healthier for you and better for the farmers and laborers who brought them to you.

4. Fairtrade Cacao Powder as Alternative to Cocoa Powder
Once you start using Fairtrade Cacao Powder, you will never go back to processed cocoa powder. Cacao Powder is incredibly nutrient rich and loaded with antioxidants and minerals that make it my favorite superfood to use in baking recipes. Since the Cacao industry is an incredibly corrupt and labor-intensive industry, I firmly believe in only using organic and Fairtrade Cacao for all my recipes. Simply swap your basic cocoa powder for Navitas Organics Cacao Powder using a 1:1 ratio and enjoy your decadent dessert or holiday beverage knowing you are supporting a more ethical Cacao industry.

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3 Ways a Plant-Based Diet Supports a Healthy Body and Planet

Posted by Megan Faletra on Jul 17, 2018 11:43:00 PM
As an integrative dietitian, I am thrilled to see that many people today are choosing to take a hard look at their food choices and the way they may be positively or negatively impacting their overall health. But, while most people may be thinking more about their food in terms of how it is impacting their bodies, there still is a large gap between how our food impacts our health and how it impacts the health of our planet. 

When it comes to the health of our planet, the industries that usually take the brunt of the global warming conversation are the coal, oil and transportation industries. While these industries are playing a big part in affecting climate change, what usually gets left out of the conversation is the global meat industry and the significant role it also has on impacting global warming.

Today, the Food and Agriculture Organization links roughly 15 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions back to agriculture with half of those emissions coming from livestock. With the estimated consumption of meat expected to double by 2020 to keep up with ever-growing population demands, scientists and public health professionals alike are advocating for more plant-based diets as a solution to combating global warming.

Since plant-based diets are estimated to produce roughly half the greenhouse gas emissions of a meat-based diet, a reduction in the consumption of mass produced meat products could have a significant impact in combating climate change, while also supporting the health and wellbeing of people around the world.

So, how can an individual get started in supporting the health of his or her body and the planet with more plant-based foods? It really is easier than you may think.

1. Choose a Plant-Based Breakfast
Breakfast is one of the simplest meals of the day to add more plant-based foods into your diet. Personally, I love making overnight oats with a scoop of Protein & Greens Essential Blend or during the warm summer months, I will make a green smoothie loaded with local fruits and veggies, a scoop of plant-based protein and a healthy fat like Chia Seeds.

2. Shop Local and In Season
If you want to fuel your body with the most nutrient-dense foods while also supporting the planet, shopping locally and in season is one of the best things you can do. By connecting with your local food system, you are supporting your local farmers and gain much more information about the way in which your food was grown, and when it was picked for optimal taste and nutrition.

3. Stock Your Pantry with Plant-Based Snacks
Opting for plant-based snacks is a great way to help keep your blood sugar and energy stable throughout the day and is such a simple way to get more plant-based foods into your diet. Navitas Organics has a wide variety of plant-based snack options – from organic seeds, nuts and superfood snack bars to convenient Power Snacks. The Blueberry Hemp Power Snacks are an absolute favorite of mine

By making just a few small changes to include more plant-based foods into your diet, you will be well on your way to supporting your health and the health of the world around you. You don’t need a dietary label or to become a strict vegan or vegetarian to make a difference. Simply adding more plant-based foods into your diet and encouraging others around you to do the same is a great way to make a big impact!

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Why Every Day Is World Fair Trade Day at Navitas Organics

Posted by Megan Faletra on May 11, 2018 4:12:00 AM

World Fair Trade Day is an initiative that the World Fair Trade Organization created to help celebrate fair trade practices around the world. Here at Navitas Organics, we are excited to celebrate World Fair Trade Day today and every day, as we continuously work to change the status quo of our global food system by being a part of giving small-scale farmers and workers in developing countries access to safe working conditions and fair wages. We want to be leading voices in supporting a sustainable global food system that supports the health of both people and planet.

What Does Fair Trade Mean?
Fair trade, as the name suggests, is working to make global trade fairer for all people involved. It focuses on improving working conditions, increasing wages for farmers and workers, and making the process of global trade more transparent. Overall, fair trade is working to eliminate child labor and unsafe/unethical working conditions, while improving environmentally friendly production practices.

How Is Fair Trade Different from Organic?
While fair trade and organic have some overlapping values, fair trade focuses more on the ethical treatment, labor, safety and wages of the people creating or growing our consumer goods. Organic, on the other hand, focuses more on the environmental and safety standards surrounding farming practices and the use of potentially harmful chemicals like pesticides.

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5 Simple Sustainable Living Tips to Improve Your Health

Posted by Megan Faletra on Apr 22, 2018 2:01:18 AM


Earth Day is the perfect time to think more about how our choices affect the world around us. Whether you’re already an earth-loving master recycler or a beginner looking to learn more about sustainability, embracing a more sustainable way of living can be a wonderful way to improve your own health and the health of our planet.

But, getting started may feel a bit overwhelming, which is why we have listed some of our favorite simple tips to help you begin embracing sustainable living in your own life today.

Tip #1: Say Goodbye to Plastic Water Bottles for Good!
Statistics show that if we don’t change the amount of plastic we consume and dispose of soon, by 2050 there may be more plastic in our oceans than there are fish. Luckily, there is a lot we can do in our daily lives to keep this from happening. Simply switching to a reusable glass or stainless steel water bottle is an excellent way to reduce the amount of plastic water bottles entering our landfills and oceans. It’s also so much better for your health, as endocrine-disrupting chemicals are present in plastic water bottles and can leach into the water over time. This isn’t good for your hormones or your health and is just another reason to choose the reusable option.

Tip #2: Switch to Reusable Food Storage Wraps and Containers
Switching to reusable bees wraps or cloth bags is a great way to reduce your need for plastic wrap and ziplock bags for food storage. Switching your plastic tupperware to glass tupperware is also a great way to not only reduce your exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals (found in the plastic), but will also help to limit your plastic use on a daily basis. Once you buy glass tupperware containers, you can have them for years, making them a much better long-term investment as compared to plastic tupperware that gets gross and discolored pretty quickly.

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5 Tips for Setting Sustainable New Year’s Intentions

Posted by Megan Faletra on Dec 29, 2017 2:41:38 AM

Every New Year, there is a lot of talk and pressure that circulates amongst friends, family and in the media about what this year’s “New Year’s Resolutions” will be. The New Year represents a fresh start for so many people with endless possibilities, but unfortunately, these endless possibilities usually come with restrictive resolutions that many times are unattainable.

You see, we don't wake up on New Year’s Day and magically become new people with entirely new habits. Our vices, stresses, busy lives and challenges all come with us into the New Year, but so do all the wonderful things that make us who we are! It’s also important to remember when you are feeling overwhelmed by the pressure of a New Year, that your body could care less whether it is January 1st or December 1st. Instead, what it cares about is that you are paying attention to what it is telling you and being intentional with the practices in your life that are either positively or negatively affecting it.

Which brings us to why your focus should be aimed at setting New Year’s intentions NOT resolutions, which will support a sustainable healthy body and mind in 2018. But before we get into how to set intentions, let’s examine the difference between an intention and a resolution, and why we are all for replacing those New Year’s resolutions with intentions this year.

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5 Steps to Creating a Sustainably Healthy Thanksgiving

Posted by Megan Faletra on Nov 10, 2017 2:13:17 AM


Who doesn't love the holiday season? It's such a fun and exciting time of year filled with food, friends and family, and is a great time to reflect and be thankful. But how often have you thought about whether or not your Thanksgiving meal is positively affecting the environment or the lives of the farmers who grew the food on your table? How often do you think about where your food comes from at all? Well, this year, we want to help you think a little bit more about your Thanksgiving meal and inspire you to create a sustainably healthy Thanksgiving with a few simple steps that will make you feel proud of the meal you create – from start to finish.

Shop at Your Local Farmers Market
Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays for sourcing locally grown items for your holiday meal. When you choose to shop local, you are choosing to support your local farmers, but you are also doing your part to encourage a healthier agricultural system in your region.

So, skip the crowded grocery store and head to your local farmers market or co-op...and make it a family experience! The process of choosing your vegetables yourself and connecting with the farmers who grew your food will be so much more rewarding than any trip to the supermarket.

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