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    Finding a New Route with Liz Moody

    By Liz Moody | April 3, 2017


    My name’s Liz Moody and I’m the woman behind Sprouted Routes, the healthy food blog, and Glow Pops, my healthy ice pop cookbook, which was released just this month. I also head up the food section at mindbodygreen, so a vast proportion of my day is spent discussing the merits of, say, hemp versus chia, or why cacao powder is better than cocoa powder (Lord, how much time do you have?). But I wasn’t always this way.

    I grew up with the same food philosophy as many of us, eating Splenda-filled oatmeal, scooping my bagels and counting every last calorie that entered my mouth. It’s not a fun way to live – and worst, despite all that effort, I didn’t feel good. I was often bloated, my skin was a mess, my stomach was soft, and my energy was perpetually low. A move to Berkeley, the epicenter (I’m fairly sure!) of kale’s superstardom, prompted an initial interest in fresh produce. This was also when I met my now-husband, Zack, who grew up in the Bay Area. He was the first person to introduce me to the entrancing world of vegetables, and some of the most formative, exciting moments of our relationship took place in the kitchen, trying to figure out what to do with kohlrabi or how a spiralizer actually worked.

    Slowly, I started replacing my Lean Cuisines with seasonal salads. I threw away my Slim-Fast shakes, stopped counting calories and started eating whole, fresh foods and – more importantly – really listening to my body. As a newspaper columnist at the time, I was able to travel to far-flung locations, and in places like France, Italy, Morocco, Argentina, and Syria, I eagerly soaked in the local food, and beyond that, the ways that these traditional cultures still revered the healing powers of fruits, vegetables, spices, and herbs. I took cooking classes in Italy and Damascus; I studied herbalism with a local healer in the tiny Moroccan mountain town of Chefchaouen. I became enamored with the power of unexpected flavor, and in love with the new way I felt in my body – at home, comfortable, and truly nourished. It was actually on these trips that I originally discovered superfoods, which, in places like the Amazon or the mountains of Peru, are just considered “normal” to many. It’s so wonderful to see companies like Navitas Organics taking these foods and making them accessible to me right here in Brooklyn, where I currently live.

    I started my blog when I found myself spending hours answering friends’ emailed questions about filtering water, green smoothies and easy, healthy breakfast recipes. Now, food is the center of my life. I spike my green smoothies with maca; I use chia to make the chewiest cookies and the most delicious puddings; and I make hemp milk at least two times a week. In my new book, Glow Pops, every pop is already dairy-free, refined-sugar free, and functional, meaning there are pops for glowing skin, allergies, reducing bloat, fighting inflammation, and more. The superfoods, though, take the pops to the next level. Chia is a necessity (you can read all about how it works to make the best textured healthy ice pops in the book’s intro!), and cacao is my chocolate flavoring of choice. Camu, acai and maca all kick up the green smoothie pops—I love having these for breakfast, they’re the absolute best way to start the day.

    I’m so honored to be a Navitas Insider this month. I’ll be sharing my journey on my own Instagram page, and, of course, on the Navitas page. I hope you come say hi! I’d love to know how you got into healthy food, what health issues you’re struggling with, and, of course, any recipes you’d like me to create!