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    Goji Berries Over Gummy Bears

    By Tommy Danger | May 24, 2017

    Goji Berries Over Gummy Bears

    It’s so easy to pull into the drive-thru of a fast food restaurant and pick a couple of things from the menu. It’s quick, satisfying and cheap. The thing we are missing with this mode of eating, however, is not only what it’s doing to us, but what it’s doing to our children.

    I grew up in an “open cabinet home,” meaning if I was hungry, I grabbed whatever I wanted until I was full. Sadly, I didn’t have self control, and although I love my parents to death, they had horrible food choices due to lack of knowledge about nutrition and its impact on the human body.

    If you read stories of those on their death beds, they would trade anything for one thing: more time. Yet, when we eat these quick fixes, we are literally removing time from our lifespans.

    I struggled as a fat kid. My nickname in high school was “Fat Tom,” because there were two Toms in my social circle and I was the heavy one. I still struggle with my weight to this day, as it can fluctuate over time, but I have a better understanding of proper nutrition, health and fitness. The only problem is that I learned about these important elements later in life.

    Imagine learning that smoking was bad for your lungs after you had been smoking for 19 years! Even though you don’t smoke now, it caused some serious damage to your lungs.

    Kids these days don’t know any different and most will never learn about proper nutrition since it’s rarely ever seen on school lunch trays. Now, more than ever, it’s key for parents to teach children how to eat well and choose nutrient-dense foods. I’m not saying we have to break down how a calorie is formed or how many calories are in a gram of carbs, protein or fat, but we do need to teach them how the body works and what helps it work better.

    My daughter is due in less than two weeks and I’m excited to not only be a father, but also to be able to show my child a life of love, adventure and knowledge. It starts from such a young age and everything seems to work against you with cereal boxes decorated in cartoon characters and funny commercials designed to lure children to the not-so-nutritious treat.

    That’s why I always carry a Goji Acai Superfood+ Bar with me no matter where I go. Besides being delicious, it’s the perfect snack to sustain my energy and satisfy my appetite so I don’t make a hasty turn into a fast food restaurant. Healthy snack options like this are great to keep in your backpack, stroller or car so you’re more likely to reach for it when you’re hungry versus turning to junk out of desperation or convenience.

    When I go on my week- or month-long adventures abroad, I can’t carry a large amount of food into these countries and they usually confiscate most of it. Fortunately, my Goji Acai Bars always make it through customs so I’m able to take them deep into the remote jungles of Papua or on the summit of Denali and have sustenance to keep me going. It’s a win-win in my book!

    I challenge you to step out of the American Vision box and create a world of nutrition for your children, because trust me, they will feel the wrath of the quick fix in the long run. Teach them nutrition, encourage them to participate in preparing healthy meals and explain to them why a Goji Berry is better than a gummy bear.


    We teach the future. Your children are the future. Be their first hero.