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    How CBD is Helping Me Get Control of My Anxiety

    By Lex Ouellette, Health & Wellness Enthusiast | October 17, 2019

    How CBD is Helping Me Get Control of My Anxiety

    I remember looking at my family members funny when they mentioned the word anxiety.  What were they talking about?  Surely everything they said about it was all in their heads.

    Looking back, I realized I always dealt with some degree of anxiety: feeling like my heart was beating like a squeezed, bulging water balloon, overwhelming thoughts of worry and doom, and a restless mind.  It wasn’t until last year that my anxiety reached a whole new level. This time around, it was all that and more. I was dizzy, lightheaded and had full-blown panic attacks during which I almost called 911 in fear that I was having a heart attack or stroke. No matter how big of a breath I took, I couldn’t seem to fill my lungs. I couldn’t perform at work and was afraid to even walk around my house.

    Coming to Terms with Reality

    “This must be what they were talking about,” I thought to myself. But, the worst part was I couldn’t identify a trigger unlike most people who talk about their experiences with anxiety. It just seemed to be happening for no reason at all. Fearing something was medically wrong, I eventually went to the doctor (this in itself was anxiety provoking and it took me far longer to make an appointment than I would like to admit). 

    After my doctor’s examination and a conversation about my symptoms, she concluded that what I was dealing with was, in fact, anxiety. As much as I was worried about a serious physical diagnosis, I was almost upset that there was not one to explain how I was feeling. No one wants to be told or believe it’s all in their head. My usual routine of good nutrition and exercise (my typical ‘medicine’) didn’t seem to be of much help, so my doctor recommended that I consider therapy and anti-anxiety medications. I was crushed! As a big fan of holistic wellness, I just couldn’t wrap my head around it and wanted to avoid pharmaceuticals if I was able to get this beast under control myself. I knew I had to make some lifestyle changes; however, I also knew I needed some other form of support. I did my research and tried a few things…

    What Finally Worked

    Enter CBD. More than a year later, CBD has become a staple in my “medicine cabinet,” so to speak. It helps me regain control and provides a calming feeling that relieves my anxiety tremendously. What’s even better is the chain effect that started happening once I incorporated CBD into my routine. I started sleeping better, I manage stress better and I’m able to focus my scattered and fleeting thoughts. Do I still have my hard days? Of course. Will I always deal with anxiety? Probably. I believe that anxiety is just one of those things that can’t necessarily be “cured” and that will always be a part of my life.

    Due Diligence is Key

    I’m so grateful that CBD is becoming more available, but with that comes an increased need for research and responsibility. It’s incredibly important to look into any CBD products that you’re considering using to ensure quality. Navitas’ CBD Shots are a new part of my arsenal for this reason. I also love them because the CBD is paired with functional ingredients that support my active lifestyle. They are the perfect pick-me-up for exactly when I need them. My favorite is RESTORE – especially post workout or hike because of the added anti-inflammatory properties provided by turmeric, but I must say, I am also obsessed with the flavor of FOCUS and its helpfulness in kicking those scattered thoughts and keeping me on task. 


    More About Me

    I am a health and wellness fanatic who strives to make healthy living simple. I absolutely love the ocean, outdoors and traveling and am always looking forward to my next trip. Another huge passion of mine is sustainability and taking care of the environment – I never leave the beach without a bag of trash! Learn more about me on my blog or follow me on social media @lexouellette.

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