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    How to Create a Natural Beauty Routine

    By Julie Morris, Superfood Chef | May 20, 2018

    How to Create a Natural Beauty RoutineWhether you spend an hour on your beauty process each day or take a five-minute shower and call it good, the components of your routine should be considered carefully. According to a 2017 survey, the average woman uses 16 items every day. And men aren't out of the picture either: between shampoo, shaving cream, moisturizer, deodorant and hair gel, you can imagine just how quickly these items add up.

    Speaking of adding up, let's talk about ingredients. It's not that using a large array of products is in itself an abominable act, it's that the ingredients found within each jar or canister can sometimes be alarmingly hazardous. And while these questionable ingredients may be found in small quantities, their collective use in several products, in conjunction with the cocktail of other potentially unsafe ingredients the average person comes in contact with throughout the day, is an understandable cause of concern. Considering we absorb about 60 percent of the chemicals we are exposed to in cosmetics through the skin, and some reports say it only takes 26 seconds for these chemicals to enter the blood stream, this is a component of everyday toxicity we should look to aggressively minimize. If you're wondering about the safety of the products you currently use, an excellent resource is the Environmental Working Group's extensive Skin Deep database, where you can search the safety of more than 70,000 products.

    But natural beauty – taking care of your glow healthfully – doesn’t have to be so complex. So, before you get corralled into buying another expensive anti-aging serum that's full of worrisome components, try to clean up your routine with a few of these fully natural, fully health-giving and fully effective tricks instead.

    Oils are Amazing Moisturizers
    While the lotion business would have you believe that skin moisturizing is a complex science, humans have been using pure oils for thousands of years to effectively soften and remedy chafed, dry skin. There is a surprising amount of varieties that work extremely well: coconut oil is one of the most versatile (and yes, you can use the same variety that you use in cooking). Or, for a spa-like experience, gently melt a little Cacao Butter over low heat and massage the warm, chocolate-scented oil into your tired skin – heaven! As a face oil, olive oil, sea buckthorn oil and almond oil are just a few of the exceptional varieties that work well. And believe it or not, at the end of the day, these oils also make phenomenal makeup removers, too!

    Natural Aromatics Have Everything You Need
    With all the incredible scents in nature, its bewildering why so many companies would choose to include fragrances made in a lab, many of which carry potentially detrimental consequences with long-term use. If you love to wear scents, you can easily make your own facial and body mist by using a combination of water and mood-improving essential oils, such as citrus, rosemary and lemongrass – or play around with your favorite scents to create something that's truly your own.

    Exfoliation is a Ritual Worth Pursuing
    Exfoliation is the process of scrubbing away dead skin cells to promote softer, more radiant skin. Although it's a common term in the beauty world, there's no need to reach for complicated formulas (or ones that sound innocuous like “sugar scrub,” but contain ingredients you'd be hard-pressed to even pronounce). Using a dry skin brush before showering is one of the single most effective things you can do to freshen your skin's surface, while increasing circulation at the same time (more blood flow means healthier, more nourished cells). If you still love the moisturizing scrub approach better, be sure to choose products that don't just sound good on the front label, but the on the back label as well – the ingredients should sound like you could eat them or at least find them in your backyard!

    Salts Can Help Cleanse
    Not just used for cooking, salt is one of the most powerful healing ingredients on earth. Soaking in salts can help to re-mineralize the body, soothe aches and pains, and act as a natural anti-bacterial, immune-boosting cleanser. If you love to take baths, use sea salt and natural herbs to make a nourishing “tea” for your skin to soak in and absorb, and feel the difference on every level!

    The Inside is What Counts the Most
    The truth is, there's no beauty product that can mask poor nutrition and the most important component of a natural beauty routine is what you consume on the inside. A plant-rich diet will offer the vitamins, minerals and healthy fats your skin needs to thrive, and incorporating skin-friendly superfoods like wrinkle-fighting flax, and collagen-building Goji Berries, is a smart way to create the kind of beauty that requires the fewest products possible. Navitas Organics Beauty Boost is a wonderful way to encapsulate many of these nutrient-rich superfoods into one easy-to-use product, which can be added into your smoothie or salad dressing, stirred into juice or mixed into dessert recipes. The term “beauty begins on the inside” couldn't be truer.


    What are your go-to beauty routine essentials? Tell us in comments!