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    Old Habits Can Die Young

    By Jodi Guber Brufsky | July 13, 2017

    Old Habits Can Die YoungI think you’ll be pleasantly surprised and filled with relief by my yoga pose of choice to help improve health and happiness: Savasana, also known as Corpse Pose. Don’t let the English translation scare you! It should actually inspire you, as it is not about your body dying, but rather the death of old ways of thinking and doing. It is your opportunity for daily re-birth, as you get to “die” and begin again, giving you a chance for a fresh start.


    According to much research, this pose can help reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, improve concentration and memory, and increase focus. The goal in this pose is to let your mind and body relax – including your breath. It is a time to let go of thoughts about your body, your to do lists, your significant other and any judgments or insecurities.


    It is your time for total acceptance of what is.

    Here’s how it’s done: Find a nice, quiet place and lay down. Make sure that you feel your body evenly distributed on the ground. Move your shoulder blades down your back, let your arms rest by your sides and turn your palms up to the ceiling. Let your feet fall open to the left and right. Take a nice, long, deep breath in and sigh it audibly out of your mouth. Let’s do that one more time. As thoughts come in, just let them go right on out. It isn’t about stopping the thoughts, but rather witnessing them and letting them go – not giving them time or energy; that which isn’t indulged often goes away.

    The reason I chose this pose and encourage you to incorporate it into your day – regardless of whether you’ve practiced yoga that day or ever – is to combat the very nature of our culture and its value on the speed at which you can get things done. In this crazy world of technology, it is so important that you stop and slow down your clock. It is NOT a race to the finish line.


    Somewhere along the way, we were taught that harder is better and the mere accomplishment of a difficult task has built-in reward. This pose is here to remind you of the real importance of the opposite. The truth is that Savasana is actually the most difficult of all since it requires you to quiet the mind. Our nervous systems are constantly on overdrive with mobile devices, fitness trackers, laptops, tablets…need I go on? This is a moment to quiet and calm the nervous system so you can go back to your social media with a little more clarity.