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    Super Start Your Day!

    By Support Boomity | January 25, 2017

    How Does Navitas Product Specialist, Aya Owies, Super Start Her Day?

    Incorporating superfoods into your morning meal is an excellent way to super start your day. As the Associate Product Specialist for Navitas Naturals, I am lucky to have access to a kitchen full of the most powerful and amazing superfoods on Earth. These superfoods aren't only good for your body, but they have a rich history and origin, making them even more amazing.

    I love starting my day at Navitas with a delicious, satisfying smoothie. Currently, I alternate between two of my favorite recipes, depending on which superfoods are stocked in our kitchen - one from our Executive Chef, Julie Morris, and another I created myself. My first go-to smoothie is our ‘Good Mood Mocha,' which tastes like rich, creamy coffee ice cream! It's packed with some of my favorite superfoods, including Cacao powder and Cashews, but I also add Lucuma powder and Maca powder to give it an additional boost. Lucuma acts a low-glycemic sweetener, is a good source of dietary fiber, and is packed with vitamins and minerals. Maca has powerful adaptogenic properties that support the endocrine system and balances hormones. My second pick is a green powerhouse immunity booster. To make this smoothie, I blend together one banana, two handfuls of spinach, one tablespoon of Wheatgrass powder, one tablespoon of Camu powder, and some ice. Both smoothies help me get a super start to my day because of their rich content of antioxidants, vitamin C and fiber.

    Working for Navitas has taught me so much about superfoods and how essential they are to a healthy, strong body. I regularly consume superfoods throughout my day, but I especially enjoy incorporating them into my breakfast meals. Having a delicious, superfood-packed smoothie for breakfast lays the foundation for the rest of my day, because it's super nourishing, keeps me full for hours, and provides me with all my essential nutrients.

    Another reason why it's so beneficial to incorporate superfoods into breakfast is because they have incredible health benefits. Superfoods such as Acai and Maqui are packed with antioxidants; Maca provides energy and balance; and Hemp and Chia are excellent sources of fatty acids, plant-based protein and dietary fiber. Superfoods are also incredibly versatile and easy to use, as they can be mixed into drinks, oatmeal, cereal, and even eggs.

    Some of the best superfoods I recommend incorporating into your morning meal include: Hemp seeds, which are good sources of plant protein; Chia Seeds, which are abundant in dietary fiber to keep the body regular; and Maca, which provides energy and stamina without the crash, while also helping to keep the body balanced and stress free.

    The best attribute of superfoods is that no matter how much you consume or how often you consume them, you will always reap their nutritional benefits. It's important to develop a relationship with superfoods— consume them because you love and enjoy them, not because you read that “having six tablespoons of Maca a day will cure your chronic fatigue.†Most importantly, learn their stories, and discover how people traditionally used, cooked and consumed them to develop a deeper appreciation of their origins. Superfoods offer super benefits! Find the ones you love, use them often, and spread the love by sharing them and their amazing benefits with others.