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Navitas Organics Blog

Science Says: Get Outside!

Posted by Laura Loewy on Oct 9, 2017 7:21:00 PM

“The mountains are calling and I must go.”

We’ve probably all heard this famous quote by John Muir and felt it resonate deep in our body and soul. But why do the mountains call to us? And why is it so important that we go when we hear that call?

When you’re stressed out by daily life, I’m sure you’ve experienced how beneficial a simple walk in nature can be. And if you’ve been outside for a few days to camp or hike, you know that it can completely rejuvenate you. It’s not just anecdotal evidence that nature is good for us. Scientists across the globe are now studying the benefits of nature, and they are proving that incorporating time amongst the trees, in the mountains or on the water is beneficial in a variety of ways.

For example, spending 15 minutes in the woods reduces your levels of cortisol (NY Times). And what does that actually mean? Well, according to Psychology Today, “[t]he stress hormone, cortisol, is public enemy number one.” High levels of cortisol cause all sorts of health problems, from lower immune function to increased weight gain. Elevated cortisol is also a factor in depression, mental illness and shorter life expectancy. High levels of cortisol are detrimental to our health, and nature is a fantastic way to lower those levels almost instantly.

Spending time in nature has also been scientifically proven to increase creativity. A 2012 study showed that after a few days on the trail immersed in nature, backpackers were 50 percent more creative on a word association test than those who were given the test without spending time outside.

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8 Relaxation Tips That Don't Require a Vacation

Posted by Julie Morris, Navitas Organics Executive Chef on Aug 15, 2017 1:48:46 AM

Sure, if you're lounging in linen on a tropical white sandy beach while being served a Mai Tai, it's pretty easy to feel like you're without a care in the world.Sigh.

But back in reality – a.k.a. the daily grind – a regular relaxation practice can easily fall to the wayside, as deadlines, demands and unexpected hurdles can shatter even your most well-intended routines. That's why if you look at any mindfulness expert, you'll find a common denominator: they all use little “tools of calm” daily. These tools are not just things that can only be found at the top of a mystical mountain or require a huge investment of time (or money, for that matter!). Rather, these are easily accessible tools that can be reached for whenever a mental reset is needed. Here are some of the simplest and most effective methods to change and improve your ability to relax:

Take a Moment to Move
Counter to what one would think, exercise – a.k.a. the practice of physical stress – has a very relaxing effect on the body. Exercise reduces the body's stress hormones and the endorphins it produces enhances your brain chemistry, promoting a good mood and encouraging self-confidence. While committing to a full-length class or going for a run after work are prime examples, even just taking a 15-minute walk around the block will offer benefits.

Breathe Consciously
Although we tend to think of breathing as an automatic component of our biology, it's also something we can control and use to our advantage. Amongst its many benefits, practicing breathwork can help lower blood pressure and induce inner calm…within minutes! There are many types of breathing exercises to experiment with that involve slowing down your breathing and counting the time during inhalation, exhalation and sometimes held breath.

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Old Habits Can Die Young

Posted by Jodi Guber Brufsky on Jul 13, 2017 2:01:21 AM

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised and filled with relief by my yoga pose of choice to help improve health and happiness: Savasana, also known as Corpse Pose. Don’t let the English translation scare you! It should actually inspire you, as it is not about your body dying, but rather the death of old ways of thinking and doing. It is your opportunity for daily re-birth, as you get to “die” and begin again, giving you a chance for a fresh start.

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