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Navitas Organics Blog

6 Superfoods to Help You Battle the Cold Weather

Posted by Julie Morris, Navitas Organics Executive Chef on Jan 5, 2018 2:09:00 AM


A warm bath, some extra thick socks or sitting by a crackling fire may be some of the first things that come to mind when trying to beat winter's chill. But many of the things we put in our body can actually help keep us thermally regulated as well…only here, it's from the inside out. So, in addition to layering on the extra sweater or grabbing a bowl of your favorite soup, try adding more of these warming ingredients to your culinary rotation to support an inner-sense of cozy.

Matcha – Green tea, along with its more antioxidant-rich strain, Matcha, significantly promotes thermogenesis, a process by which cells convert energy into heat. (Even hibernating animals use thermogenesis as one of the ways they stay warm!) Almost like stoking an internal fire, drinking hot Matcha is not only immediately soothing, it can also create long-term warmth as well.

Chili Peppers – That hot feeling your taste buds announce when exposed to a spicy pepper isn't just limited to your mouth. Peppers like cayenne, jalepeno and chipotle raise body temperature slightly due to their concentration of capsaican, a phytochemical that creates a heated sensation. They even cause swelling or a bit of redness if too much is consumed. As a general rule, the hotter the pepper, the higher amount of capsaicin, and the more significant the augmentation of body temperature. If truly spicy foods aren't for you, try adding micro-doses of ground chilis in drinks or water throughout the day for a subtle effect.

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The Two-Step Process to Living Your Best Life

Posted by Cristina Curp on Jan 4, 2018 2:20:00 AM

Hola! I’m Cristina, the one-woman show behind the health and wellness blog, The Castaway Kitchen. I’ve always loved food, and come from a family of avid cooks and foodies. My mom owns a farm-to-table café in Miami, Florida called Green Gables Café, which is where I got my start cooking professionally. It was there that I was able to really hone in on my natural ability to create tasty food and build efficient chef skills.

Growing up with Cuban immigrants as parents, my comfort foods were quite different than that of my peers. While my friends had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch, I had a thermos full of picadillo and rice. Oh yes, my mother was serious about food – even before her restaurant years, she always cooked from scratch at home and I learned everything from her.

Fast forward through seven years of professional cooking, working for two years as a stay-at-home mom (my toughest but most rewarding job yet!), entering my 30s and experiencing the health pitfall that followed, I moved to Hawaii and hit rock bottom, health-wise. Overweight, inflamed and depressed, I knew something had to change. During those years, my eating habits spiraled downward and I turned to sweets to cope with the stress of life. As you can imagine, this landed me in a bad place.

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5 Tips for Setting Sustainable New Year’s Intentions

Posted by Megan Faletra on Dec 29, 2017 2:41:38 AM

Every New Year, there is a lot of talk and pressure that circulates amongst friends, family and in the media about what this year’s “New Year’s Resolutions” will be. The New Year represents a fresh start for so many people with endless possibilities, but unfortunately, these endless possibilities usually come with restrictive resolutions that many times are unattainable.

You see, we don't wake up on New Year’s Day and magically become new people with entirely new habits. Our vices, stresses, busy lives and challenges all come with us into the New Year, but so do all the wonderful things that make us who we are! It’s also important to remember when you are feeling overwhelmed by the pressure of a New Year, that your body could care less whether it is January 1st or December 1st. Instead, what it cares about is that you are paying attention to what it is telling you and being intentional with the practices in your life that are either positively or negatively affecting it.

Which brings us to why your focus should be aimed at setting New Year’s intentions NOT resolutions, which will support a sustainable healthy body and mind in 2018. But before we get into how to set intentions, let’s examine the difference between an intention and a resolution, and why we are all for replacing those New Year’s resolutions with intentions this year.

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Finding Joy in Every Season

Posted by Laura Loewy on Dec 26, 2017 3:22:54 AM

If you live in a part of the world that experiences four seasons, you know the sense of impending doom the fall equinox can bring to those who dread the cold, dark winters. As a New England native, I have experienced this swing in the collective consciousness for nearly 30 years. But what if I could tell you that winter doesn’t have to be dark and dreadful? What if you could view winter from an entirely new perspective? I love to view winter as the birth of something new: the birth of snow.

As an avid skier and aspiring mountaineer, I chase snow – across the country, across the four seasons, up into mountains, down into valleys...if it’s there, I’m hoping to find it. I chase it for as long as I possibly can until finally, I give in to the comforting, warm sunshine of a New England summer. I see summer as the reincarnation of snow – a new birth of flowing rain, rivers and ocean. I reframe my intentions and start to follow the same trails that were once filled with packed snow and ice with a newfound excitement for the earth’s incredible cycles.

I believe the key to loving any season is to find an activity you can do that makes your soul come alive. For me, it’s action sports and hiking, but for you, it might mean cozying up on your couch and reading a good book, hot yoga, seasonal sports or cooking new recipes. If you can connect your passions to different seasons, then you’ll always have something to look forward to in the same way that you anticipate an exciting vacation that’s off in the distance.

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Why This Could be the Worst Flu Season Yet and What You Can Do About it

If you’re like most people, it’s likely you’ve already been exposed to this year’s assortment of viral flora and fauna. Influenza, better known as “flu” season has arrived, and with the stress of the New Year, we’re more susceptible to getting sick than during other times of the year. Although many dismiss the severity of contracting the flu as a mere inconvenience, if you’ve been unlucky enough to get it in recent years, you know that its wrath can be fierce, debilitating and even deadly if the right conditions align just perfectly. It also takes a significant economic toll due to absenteeism from work or school and reduced productivity sometimes lasts far after symptoms abate. Young children under five, older adults over 60 or just about anyone struggling with underlying illnesses are at the highest risk for contracting the flu, but we all play a part in its spread to vulnerable populations. There are many immune-boosting ways to protect yourself. These simple strategies to reduce risk and facts about the flu might come as a surprise, providing further evidence as to why it’s important to continue to raise awareness about this insidious threat to health worldwide.

Epidemiology of Influenza
Millions of people contract the flu annually and at least 500,000 people will die from it each year. In contrast to an influenza pandemic, the seasonal flu is a recirculated version or a mutation of similar strains that we have encountered in the past. As these strains become more sophisticated in their ability to circumvent the defenses of our immune response, they have become more virulent. The flu can live for up to two days on hard or non-porous surfaces and up to 12 hours on clothing and tissues. During mild temperatures, the flu will last for no more than a week, but in freezing conditions, it can survive indefinitely.

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How I Stay Fueled on Road Trips

Posted by Danielle Rodriguez on Dec 11, 2017 2:11:53 AM

I have a soft spot for road trips. While I love nothing more than being fully immersed in the wilderness, hiking a trail, there’s nothing like not having a care in the world and watching views pass by in the comfort of your car.

This past Thanksgiving, I took a van trip from Arizona to Northern California, hitting Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyon, Yosemite and Big Sur along the way – probably the best road trip I’ve taken. If you know me, then you know that I’m vegan. I can talk about that all day long, but one of the things I struggled with for a long time was finding snacks and meals I could eat on the road. I thought beef jerky and ham sandwiches were my only options for a long time. Wrong! There are so many amazing foods out there! I’ve partnered with Navitas Organics to show you fellow Mountain Chicks and Dudes, whether or not you’re a vegan, how to Live Life Positive with the foods you eat on your next road trip.

My go to, regardless of me being in a car or not, is oatmeal. Oatmeal is pretty plain as is, making it a great canvas for all your food dreams. I usually mix a half cup of oats with a cup of soymilk, a tablespoon of nut butter, a tablespoon of Navitas Organics Hemp Seeds, a tablespoon of agave syrup and a banana. For summertime, you can even put all of these ingredients in a container the night before you leave and have some nice cold overnight oats for the next morning. #Winning.

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The Power of Healing Through Food

Posted by Briana Reesing on Dec 7, 2017 2:21:26 AM

Well hello there, Navitas fans! I’m stoked to be here as the December Insider of the Month. My name is Briana, but you can call me Bri. Some of you may know me from @beachlifeorganic, as that’s where you can find me daily – usually starting my morning with an Upgraded Matcha Latte and discussing the importance of clean, organic ingredients, while offering up some motivation to inspire you to always #LiveLifePositive!
So who am I and how did I get here? Well…it’s been a rollercoaster ride for sure.

I’m a full-time Emergency Room Nurse, as helping people has always been my passion. However, as I began my journey into nursing with that goal, I quickly realized that the poor health of the people I was trying to help in the hospital was far beyond what I had ever imagined.
I wasn’t always this positive about health either.

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Eat Your Greens Not Your Feelings: #RealTalk on Mindful Eating

Posted by Kelsey Bell on Dec 5, 2017 2:41:23 AM

Do you ever find yourself limitlessly snacking while watching television or sitting at your desk at the office? How often do you find yourself thoughtlessly eating, never really attune to what you are putting into your body? How often are you aware that you’re eating, but never really paying attention to the details of what exactly you are eating and fully appreciating it? More often than not, this seems to be the norm: eating out of habit and convenience. Maybe it’s that daily lunch run at the same time every day with your coworker, the late-night snack out of boredom while watching TV, or the Tuesday take-out because…cooking, who does that?

Letting Go of Emotional Eating
It’s these scenarios of habitual eating and a having a convenient relationship with food that first prompted me to make a change and dig deeper. I found myself as a teen, wrestling with a negative relationship with both food and my body image, eating what was made for me, eating whatever I wanted—regardless of whether it was nourishing for me—and never really listening to my body. I would eat when I wasn’t even hungry (donuts, sure! I mean they’re there, right?), I would eat when I was bored and the worst—I would eat depending on how I felt. Happy? Let’s eat! Sad? Definitely can eat. Angry? Sure, I’ll eat that. It all became the same…the behaviors and the emotions were so fluid that they would flow in and out like the ocean to the shore, and I never sat with any of them. I never tried to understand why I was feeling a certain way, I never allowed myself to really feel without judgement. Instead, I threw food at the problem. Emotional attachments to certain foods can override our ability to make conscious, sound choices—reaching for what is there or what we crave over what is nutritious and will actually improve our mental, emotional and physical well-being.

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