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    What's So Great About Hemp?

    By Julie Morris, Superfood Chef | April 18, 2016

    What's So Great About Hemp?

    What's so great about Hemp? Or maybe the better question here would be - is there anything that isn't great about Hemp? (Hint: no!) Hemp is one of the most diverse, functional and healthy superfoods available, and one that has been a staple Navitas Organics superfood in the form of seeds and powder for more than 10 years. 

    What is Hemp, Really? 

    First thing's first: Hemp is a plant that is, yes, related to marijuana, but it is not the same thing - similar to how you'd consider a bell pepper and a jalapeno pepper to be in the same family, but used for very different applications. The hemp plant itself is a profoundly sustainable crop, needing very little water to grow (it is, in fact, a weed), and is extremely strong, naturally protecting itself against pests.

    Aside from the edible forms of Hemp we see at the supermarket, Hemp plants can also be used to create a montage of other products, including oil (fuel), paper and hemp-derived fiberglass. With benefits like these, it doesn't take much imagination to recognize why Hemp was initially a mandatory crop of the first American colonies - even George Washington himself grew fields of it!

    How Do I Consume it?  

    In the edible realm, Hemp is extremely versatile as well. Hemp Seeds can be consumed whole, pressed into oil or milled into a protein-rich powder. Hemp has a nutty flavor, similar to a sunflower seed, but since it's a seed, Hemp is a great alternative for people who have nut allergies.

    What is its Nutritional Value? 

    Hemp is truly loaded with protein (which includes all of the essential amino acids, making it a complete protein), offering 10 grams of protein in just 3 tablespoons of raw seeds! Additionally, Hemp is an excellent source of fiber, healthy omega fats (which are extremely well-balanced in the 3-6-9 ratio), and important minerals like iron and zinc. Because of this, we consider Hemp Seeds to be one of the most sustainable, environmentally friendly and well-rounded forms of protein on the planet.

    How Can I Use it in Recipes? 

    When it comes to using Hemp in the kitchen, the good news gets even better: Hemp is extremely easy to use. The Hemp Seed's delicious, nutty taste and soft, chewy texture are extremely versatile in both savory and sweet recipes. You can sprinkle the seeds into everything from pasta to granola for added crunch and protein. Hemp Powder is an excellent way to boost recipes as well, which is excellent when blended into smoothies, or even mixed into baking batters to make protein-rich pancakes, cakes and the like.

    Hemp is clearly one of our most important superfoods, with infinite possibilities in terms of applications. But, this is just a fraction of the plant offering these boundless benefits. The Hemp plant also produces flowers, which is where much of the CBD (cannabidiol) compound is found. Click here to learn more.